How money changed between the Past and Present

Nine thousand years ago, people did not have money. They traded animals and crops for things they wanted.

In China, in about 1200 B.C., people traded shells for the things they wanted. Chinese people also traded metal tools, such as metal knives and shovels for the things they wanted.

Later in China, people made metal money. In about 100 B.C., the Chinese made money of animal skin. The first paper money was made from white coloured deer skin. It came from China about 900 years later.

In about 700 B.C., people made the first-round metal coins. The coins were made of gold and silver. They looked very similar to the coins we use today.

Coins came from Lydia. Lydia was located where the country called Turkey is located today.

After people made coins in Lydia, people in Rome, Iran, and Greece also began making coins.

Coins were very strong and could last a long time without becoming damaged.

Money changes with time. No matter what it looks like, money is important for buying things and makes trading easier.

How money changed between the Past and Present

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