How to Use a Scissors Correctly and Safely

Scissors are designed to cut.

Whether the scissors are large shears, basic sewing scissors, small embroidery scissors, or thread clippers; scissors of all types are intended to be sharp and to cut.

Therefore, caution is essential when using all of these tools.

o Do not run with scissors in your hand. Do not walk with open scissors in your hand.

o Do not hand someone scissors with the blade extended toward the receiver. Instead, turn the scissors around and hold the blades yourself as you hand the handle portion to someone else.

o Learn how to properly hold your scissors. Hold your sewing scissors you’re your index finger aligned with the blade to properly guide and control the cut.

o Learn how to use them correctly.

o Always close scissors when not in use and store them in this manner.

o Keep scissors sharp.

o Practice good use habits and you will avoid many dangers.

How to Use a Scissors Correctly and Safely

Text Source: Sewing, The World's Greatest Hobby Book

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