Comparison between an Ad burger and a real burger

Food photography is actually said to be the most difficult kind of photography according to many professional photographers and that's because food ingredients are so sensitive to deal with and every angle gives you a completely different image.

But with the presence of Photoshop, many restaurants don't have to worry. Just snap any photo from any angle and then let the Photoshop do the rest of the job.

On TV, we see huge burgers, fresh components, juicy sauces, amazing yellow melting cheese and you just start to starve right from your couch but when you go to buy the burger, you start to look for the sauce and cheese and you start searching for the meat you dreamed of.

You even start wondering if someone stepped on your burger for the fact that it has shrink and looks like half the size of what you saw in the Ad.

Ok, let's not generalize. Some restaurants are doing a good job and some even get you meals that are better that what is in the Ad but they are very few compared to those who deceive costumers.

The Ad burger below makes you feel like breaking the screen of your device to have it but the one in reality is just so fair and note that its photo is taken from the most attractive angle!

Comparison between an Ad burger and a real burger

Comparison between an Ad burger and a real burger

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