The truth about depression after childbirth from a personal experience

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The truth about depression after childbirth from a personal experience
During the last month of your pregnancy, you get so tired and exhausted and you start counting the days and you run out of patience whereby you just want to give birth and rest.

Many of my friends who became mothers before me warned me from what is called baby blues which means depression after childbirth but I thought they were exaggerating.

I always imagined that after childbirth, I will be the happiest person on Earth and I wondered what depression has to do with such a joyful thing like having a baby especially for the first time.

Unfortunately, after I gave birth to my baby, baby blues was waiting for me behind the door and I suffered from this depression for a whole month although it is worst in the first week.

During the first week after I gave birth, I lost my appetite and a whole day can pass without even thinking about food and I also had difficulties sleeping since I was used to my pregnancy pillow and my big tummy for months.

Any time I wanted to sleep, I start feeling dizzy and my stomach was just so uncomfortable. And guess what, I started missing having my baby in my womb. I even cried sometimes when I put my hand on my tummy and find it empty.

I missed those cute kicks and all the lovely pregnancy moments that I experienced with my baby and although my baby was beside me but I just felt like I lost a part of me. The feeling is so disturbing!

Other disturbing factors include breastfeeding challenge, big changes in your body, feeling like throwing up, crying for no reason sometimes, body pains after delivery whether you delivered you baby normally or through cesarean.

Having a baby is a big responsibility that you have to take seriously from day one. No more sleep, no more rest, no more freedom. Simply, life will never be the same again.

So every pregnant woman should expect suffering from depression after birth and for that reason, try to be with your family and make sure your husband and beloved ones are around you because their support will help a lot in overcoming baby blues.

My depression lasted one month only and after that, I started enjoying motherhood with all its details and caring for a baby just became part of my daily routine.

The truth about depression after childbirth from a personal experience

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