How Technology ruined House maids of Today

How Technology ruined House maids of Today
Life today is like never before. Technology, Facebook, smart phones, Twitter and many other aspects are just overwhelming our world in every bad way regardless of the positive sides.

People are lazier at work, less thinking, less ambitions, less actions and even less knowledge and academic progress.

Technology even ruined house maids as well. How? 

House maids before worked with all their hearts and stayed till the end of their contract with less demands and problems.

But now, a maid want a mobile to use all the day, she also have to check her two three Facebook accounts and give her followers a tweet on Twitter.

Maybe in the next 10 years, we will start getting maids and working at their service while they give us commands of what to do and what not to do.

Work is not bad not matter what it is so far its not harmful but the point is that since you chose to stay away from home, just work one forced you guys in the first place.

How Technology ruined House maids of Today

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