Awards and Winners of BIAF 2015

Beirut International Awards Festivals 2015 was held today in the Zeitouna Bay in Beirut and BIAF is an annual event that honors distinguished personalities from various fields (Art, Politics, Culture, Music, Finance and Humanitarian services). Here are the awards and winners of BIAF 2015:

1- Award for the great Lebanese actor Antoine Kirbej given by Lebanese actress Carmen Lebbos and Lebanese actor Rafic Ali Ahmad.

2- Award for the British Ambassador Tom Fletcher given by Salim Warde and Lina Kilikian.

3- Award for the Lebanese poet Salah Stetiye given by Marwan Fares and Mona Fares.

4- Award for the Egyptian director Inass Al Dighedi given by Maria Maalouf and Sherif Bahrawi.

5- Award for the Italian singer Alessandro Safina given by Fashion specialist Rita Lamah and Amine Abi Yaghi.

6- Award for the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram given by the Lebanese Singer Wael Kfoury and the journalist Patricia Hashem.

7- Award for the great Lebanese artist Elie Shweiry given by Fadi Shihwan, Khodor Habib and Claudia Abi Nader.

8- Award for the Mayor of Jbeil Ziad Hawwat given by the minister Alice Chabtini.

9- Award for the Turkish actress Pelline Karahan given by the Lebanese actor Peter Semaan and Rina Chibany.

10- Award for the Belgian singer from Italian origin Claude Barzotti.

11- Award for the Egyptian Business man Ahmad Abou Hashima given by Fadi Al Haber and Carla Haddad.

12- Award for the Lebanese car designer Ralph Debbas given by Laila Al Solh and Walid Zalaet.

13- Award for the Lebanese actress Ward Al Khal given by Nadia Bsat and Youssef El Khal.

14- Award for the Tunisian Singer Saber Al Rubai given by Diana Fakhoury, Roni Irayji and Micheal Daher.

15- Award for the Syrian actress Sulafa Maamar given by Mr. Fadi and Anabella Hilal.

16- Award for the head of LAU Joseph Jabra given by Inas Abou Ayyash and Minister Ibrahim Najjar.

17- Award for Ziad Sankari for his scientific achievment given by Donis Fakhri Rahme and Minister Wael Abu Faour.

18- Award for Lebanese Plastic Surgeon Tony Nassar given by Mr. Wael Daw and Christina Sawaya.

19- Award for Kuwaiti singer Nawal Al Kuwaitiya given by Poet Toni Abi Karam and Donia Ajram.

20- Award for the Lebanese writer Shukry Anis Fakhoury given by the writer claudia Marshilian, Mr. Mohammad Hijazi and Minister Nkoula Sahnawi.

21- Award for the artist Naseer Shamma given by Dalia Ahmad and Maher Haj.

Awards and Winners of BIAF 2015

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