Egyptian Kushari detailed recipe

First of all, Kushari or Koshary is a very popular vegetarian dish in Egypt that is served warm or hot and it is mainly composed of rice, spaghetti, lentils and red sauce.

As for the lentils, we boil lentils with tomatoes, onions, Cumin, black pepper and salt, then when it's done, we sifter it and keep the water to use it for the rice. Later, we fry the cooked lentils with butter and black pepper and keep it aside.

As for the rice, we fry chopped onions with butter or oil, we add the previously soaked Egyptian rice, and then we mix them together until we get a slight brown color. After that, we add the water we used to boil the lentils and we let them boil until done.

We also boil spaghetti or any kind of pasta and keep it aside.

As for the Kushari sauce, we fry garlic with Cumin powder, pepper, coriander powder, tomato sauce paste, salt and black pepper. Then we add water and let the sauce boil until it becomes thick.

There is also a side sauce we can prepare. We fry garlic with grinded coriander, cumin powder and then we add vinegar, lemon juice, water and salt.

As for the crispy onions on top, we mix flour with long chopped onions and we fry them together.

To serve Kushari, first of all, you put the rice in the dish, then the spaghetti, then the lentils and finally the sauce and the crispy onions on top.

And don’t forget the side sauce we prepared.


Recipe and photo source: Afnanetoo

Egyptian Kushari dish by Afnanetoo
Egyptian Kushari dish by Afnanetoo

Egyptian Kushari detailed recipe

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