A day on the Patong Beach

A day on the Patong Beach
To begin with, Patong is the center of tourism in Phuket and the Patong beach is a real attraction for many of the tourists. Honestly, it is not so perfect and charming blue the way we see it in photos especially if you are going there in the rainy season but on the other hand, it beholds a terrific magic that makes you enjoy the whole day there.

At first, you have to rent beach chairs whereby one will cost you about a 100 or 200 baht. Then you can ask for a drink of your choice but the coconut is the most common among all. It is fresh and cold but I personally prefer the African coconut.

After taking a sit and lying down, you will start to realize the magic. It's not about the sand and water but it's about the people. Many sellers pass by trying to sell you their products. You will also see women that will offer you foot massage, hair platting and even body painting. All are interesting especially the foot massage which is for about 45 minutes.

Activities you can do include tanning, swimming, jogging, jet ski and flying above the sea. Did I just say flying? Oh yes I did. I regret not trying the parachute. Its really interesting and many tourists love this adventure. It will cost you around 1000 or 1500 baht for a flight of 5 minutes. Don't miss it!

What may piss you off is the nagging of sellers whereby the insist you buy from them. You can send the away but kindly since they are friendly. Keep in mind that whatever price they give you is the highest so try to negotiate with them. They all think that tourists are millionaires so you have to prove the opposite if you ain't. They pose their prices using a calculator so pose your own price and they will accept at the end but be fair.

A day on the Patong beach is not something you can easily forget. The beach, the mountain view, the fairness of the people, the joy of tourists and many more are just enough reasons to tell you why this place should be passed by in Phuket.

A day on the Patong Beach

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