Don't ignore any signal your body gives you!

Are you experiencing shortness of breath, severe pains in you chest, dizziness, weakness e.t.c. Is there anything odd in your figure like unwanted hair, weird skin texture, enlarged organ e.t.c.

Don't ignore any symptom no matter how small or big it is. It may be a signal from your body that there is something wrong. Listen and pay attention to your body!

Many people suffer for years from several problems just because of ignorance and carelessness. If you are a parent, follow up with your kid and let him undergo tests at least every 6 months. That goes for adults as well.

The hardest thing is to find something when its late although you were witnessing many symptoms and just ignoring. They say good health starts from the inside but sometimes what is outside reflect negatively on the inside.

We check Twitter news feeds, Facebook, Instagram and we forget about our body news feed. Whatever your body tweets you, don't hesitate to re-tweet it and share it with your doctor.

Don't ignore any signal your body gives you!

Don't ignore any signal your body gives you!

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