5 ways to kill depresssion

Feeling sad, aloof and depressed? Take a deep breathe and relax because ups and downs are part of life and all you need is hope and a gentle push to remind that it is only temporary, and that the highs are not far away. So chill and enjoy because happiness can keep you going on more days than you can count. Here are some best ways to kill that melancholy mood and get the most bliss out of your daily activities.

5 ways to kill depresssion
1. Change your way of thinking:

First and foremost you have to change your way of thinking. Apparently it seems not so easy to do and it is certainly a long process. You can start it slowly, whenever you get pessimistic thoughts go out for a long walk and think something good about yourself, watch a funny movie or chill out with those yo-yo friends. It is a long process as you get the result slowly. But once you pass this stage you will definitely feel you are no longer depressed.

2. Practice Yoga and Meditation:

It is another best way to get rid of depression. Meditation is a kind of awareness of your mind and it strengthens your spirit and body. Yoga, on the other hand can bring happiness and health. Both yoga and meditation are helpful with severe depression or other serious mental disorders. Yoga and meditation can even help to avoid the recurrence of depression, once the depression has moderated.

3. Work it out:

Regular exercise can improve your mental as well as emotional health. Any physical exercise can keep your mind and body strong and active. Doing exercise in an open and fresh air gives you extra benefit as you intake more oxygen. It helps you to reduce depression by maintaining the level of mood and emotional instincts. Physical exercise helps you to increase your sense of mastery, energy, self-esteem and health.

4. Avoid alcohol and Drugs:

Over intake of alcohol temporarily blunts the effects of stress hormones. It leaves you feeling worse than ever because it depresses the brain and nervous system. Using alcohol or drugs and smoking may give temporary relief but when a person gets addicted, it takes a long time trouble to get rid of such habits. If you are worried by the idea of stopping or cutting down your drinking, or if you just can't cut down, it might help to talk with a specialist alcohol worker.

5. Get involved in social life:

When under intense stress, it is very natural to withdraw from the world and concentrate exclusively on solving the problems around you. You can escape from this by expanding your own social network of friends. Nothing feels better than having a best group of friends and their support. The love and care expressed by others could boost your immune system and helps get rid of unhealthy thoughts. After all, you'll live a more secured and happy life.

5 ways to kill depresssion

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