10 things a girl with curly hair can't do

10 things a girl with curly hair can't do
1. You can’t own carpets unless you have two hours free every night to vacuum hairballs.

2. You can’t predict how your hair is going to look. All you can do is shower and keep your fingers crossed.

3. You can’t brush your hair unless you’re willing to rock some serious frizz and break the brush.

4. You can’t walk around in rain or snow unless you’re ready to spend the rest of the day looking like Marge Simpson.

5. You can’t get your hair cut at cheap, generic hair salons. Only experts can handle your situation.

6. You can’t straighten your hair in any less than an hour.

7. You can’t run your hands through your hair without getting stuck and ruining everything.

8. You can’t figure out what to say when people ask you if you got a perm.

9. Can’t figure out how you have so much hair on your head when you just saw all of it on your shower walls.

10. You can wear earrings but good luck getting anyone to notice.

10 things a girl with curly hair can't do

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