Huawei revolutionizes the mid-range segment with the new HUAWEI nova 7 5G

Huawei is known for breaking down traditional smartphone barriers, especially with its goal to provide all of its users with everything they need. Usually, we tend to see mid-range smartphones having scaled down features from its flagship counterparts or even simple designs that are more functional. However, with its successful mid-range lineup, the Huawei nova series, the brand revolutionizes the entire segment thanks to a selection of smartphones that provide stunning features and powerful performance. Aimed at more of a younger audience, the Huawei nova series shipped more than 125 million units by the end of Dec 2019 globally, with the demand for it continuing to grow. The newly launched 5G trendy flagship HUAWEI nova 7 5G follows this trend and brings in a powerful camera setup and sets the bar higher with solid 5G performance, giving it a competitive edge.

With more users opting for smartphones with better camera systems and even social media platforms becoming more photo and video oriented, it is a given that a good smartphone needs a good camera. Huawei has decided to change things around and bring powerful camera capabilities to its nova series, resulting in smartphones that can take stunning pictures and videos with ease. Take the HUAWEI nova 7 5G for example, it packs a 64MP Hi-Res AI Quad Camera setup that is also capable of 20x Digital zoom. This setup consists of a 64MP main camera, 8MP ultra wide-angle camera, 8MP telephoto camera and a 2MP macro camera. All of this is supported further by the Kirin 985 5G SoC to optimize the final image with the help of advanced AI algorithms. While the main camera allows for better low-light photography, the 8MP telephoto lens also paves the way for the 20x digital zoom. In addition to this, users can enjoy 4K video recording, wide-angle shots, 4K time-lapse recording and even close up macro photography. All while not having to spend extra on professional camera equipment.

The HUAWEI nova 7 5G is the brands latest 5G mid-range smartphone, which brings together years of experience and huge investments in 5G research and development amounting up to more than 4 billion USD between 2009 and 2019 alone. This has resulted in the Kirin 985 5G SoC that powers the HUAWEI nova 7 5G, providing it with solid connectivity and powerful performance complete with low power consumption for a stronger and more efficient user experience. In addition to this, the Kirin 985 5G SoC has the 5G modem integrated into its 7nm chipset, allowing it to maintain its small size which contributes to the overall slimness of the phone.

Huawei revolutionizes the mid-range segment with the new HUAWEI nova 7 5G

Providing users with features that they need is what Huawei aims for, which is quite evident in the nova series with its unique features, long lasting battery and even storage solutions. For example, the HUAWEI nova 7 5G comes with a Dual-View Video Mode , which aims at content creators or even new generation vloggers who like to take creative videos, and allows them to take advantage of both front and rear cameras to record from both sides. In terms of battery life on the other hand, users can enjoy a large 4000 mAh battery that can last them for long hours even under intensive use. The HUAWEI nova 7 5G comes with the HUAWEI 40W SuperCharge , which allows up to 75% recharge in just 30 minutes.

Speaking of providing users with features they need, in today’s day and age, we can’t ignore the overwhelming popularity of selfies. Huawei has catered to selfie lovers with the HUAWEI nova 7 5G’s strong 32MP Hi-res AI Selfie Camera upfront. Packed with features likes HD shooting, AI beautification and even 4K video recording with Electronic Image Stabilization, this is the selfie setup today’s user needs. This is topped off with support for Super Night Selfie 3.0, which uses AI algorithms for stunning low light selfies complete with sharp details.

Huawei has also changed things around with regard to storage, opting to put 256GB of storage readily available for users with 8GB of RAM to support.

The Huawei nova series is known for its design ethos: Opting to step aside from simple bricks of solid colors, Huawei’s nova series boasts devices that look completely unique. With the help of complex manufacturing processes, the HUAWEI nova 7 5G, brings to the table a chic and elegant look that is available in three shades of Space Silver, Midsummer Purple and Black that stands out from the crowd. This is further complemented by the HUAWEI Punch FullView Display with a small punch hole for the front camera on top. The 6.53 inch OLED display boasts an FHD+ resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, which give an immersive viewing experience like never before. Rounding off this design is the in-screen fingerprint unlock, which takes away the need for a rear fingerprint solution, thus giving the phone a seamless design front-to-back.

Huawei revolutionizes the mid-range segment with the new HUAWEI nova 7 5G

Thanks to EMUI 10.1, the HUAWEI nova 7 5G comes with a wide range of feature that enhance user experience as well. This includes the HUAWEI AppAssistant feature which paves the way for an interruption free gaming experience with a floating window to reply to chat messages or adjust game settings. In addition to this, users can also use the Ebook Mode, which is perfect for long sessions of reading on the HUAWEI nova 7 5G complete with a paper-like display effect for a gentle reading experience. This mode adopts automatic brightness settings and includes the additional gray-scale value setting for users, for a greyscale effect that makes reading more comfortable.

The HUAWEI nova 7 5G comes with HUAWEI AppGallery pre-installed. This gives users access to a wide range of global and local apps which can be safely downloaded by searching from a well cataloged and categorized list. Huawei’s official marketplace, the HUAWEI AppGallery is the third largest app marketplace in the world, now in more than 170 countries and regions with more than 650 million Huawei device users. Since its launch in 2018, monthly active users (MAUs) have exceeded 420 million users. Users can also take advantage of Petal Search, a new app search tool that complements the HUAWEI AppGallery and offers users an open gateway to over a million apps. Users can now download a wide range of apps from multiple listed sources, including a complete integration with HUAWEI AppGallery and the HUAWEI browser all from a home screen search widget for easier access.

Revolutionizing the mid-range segment the way we know it, Huawei’s nova lineup is always ready with new devices that provide features and user experience that takes things up a notch. The HUAWEI nova 7 5G is a perfect example of this, changing how we see the mid-range smartphone segment.

Huawei revolutionizes the mid-range segment with the new HUAWEI nova 7 5G

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