Here is how Huawei tackles privacy and security features with its new EMUI 11

Our smartphones are the nexus point for everything we do today. Be it for work, studying, entertainment, or even carrying out everyday tasks of paying bills, shopping, etc. The smartphone has become an integral part of it all. However, with everything running on digital platforms it’s no surprise that security and privacy concerns arise amongst users, especially in regards to data theft or leak. Huawei recognizes the importance of privacy and security and with the new EMUI 11 brings to users a wide range of features that ensure maximum protection.

Let’s look at data privacy first. There are many instances during the day where your personal notifications and messages can be read or seen by someone else. To avoid this you might tend to keep your phone always locked, disable notifications on your home screen or even turn off all notifications while you have your phone display being streamed on a larger display. Huawei takes care of all of this with its new features. For example, with the new Eyes-On-Display, Huawei replaced the traditional Always-On-Display to only show you notifications when you look at the phone. Not only does this hide notifications from prying eyes, but also saves battery. On the other hand with AI Information Protection, the phone will display message details only when it detects that only you are looking at it and no one else. Otherwise, message details are automatically hidden to protect your privacy.

But what about when you stream your smartphone to an external display? Once connected, you can choose the desktop mode, where the projected screen will be displayed as a computer screen, and your phone will work as a touchpad. While working on your new "computer", the new features in the Do Not Disturb Mode ingeniously protect your personal information. Incoming messages will only be displayed on your phone and not pop up on your big-screen display. Even if you get an incoming call, the content you are displaying up on the big screen won't be interrupted, even if you wander off to take the call and chat for a few minutes.

Another concern is online data theft. This is tackled by EMUI 11 on multiple aspects, depending on how you use your smartphone. Thanks to EMUI 11, you can remove sensitive information sharing such as your location and time, when you share a photo, keeping your privacy intact. The Ad Filtering feature also allows you to block on online advertisements as the pop up, allowing for a more comfortable online browsing environment. You can also disable personalized ads to remove unwanted targeted advertising. Once enabled, advertisers will not be able to obtain ad identifiers from your device, while also giving you the option to completely reset it.

Here is how Huawei tackles privacy and security features with its new EMUI 11

Children today are also avid smartphone users and with the Internet openly available to them, online protection has become of utmost importance. Giving children full access to phones can also open the door to many problems, such as addictive behavior, online purchases and even risks to eyesight. Keeping all this in mind, EMUI 11 comes with a Child Mode that can be setup for the phone. Simply set up the Child account and content that is not suitable for children will be filtered out. This mechanism is applied in Huawei native apps such as Huawei AppGallery, Huawei Video, Huawei Music, Huawei Reader, and Huawei Browser.

With this feature, Huawei AppGallery, apps are restricted based on age information and children will not be able to download games at will. If a child searches for restricted content, AppGallery will automatically block certain content. In addition, once a game has been downloaded, children need to ask their parents for permission to make in game purchases, and the same is true when children want to buy an e-book or a new wallpaper for their phone. This is further supported by Digital Balance, which supports screen time management, content restrictions, and location sharing. This allows parents to set usage limits for their children.

Not many users are aware of privacy protection and its importance, assuming it is just something trivial. However, with the growing digitization, it is a threat that needs to be tackled. With HUAWEI EMUI 11 on board, users need not worry, because their privacy and data is safe and secure from prying eyes and hostile forces around them.

Here is how Huawei tackles privacy and security features with its new EMUI 11

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