Cake Circles with Digestive Biscuits

Ingredients of Cake Circles with Digestive Biscuits:

- 1 chocolate pound cake(300gm)
- chocolate covered digestive biscuits
- 3 packs of (Aero) chocolate (1 pack= 46gm)
- 3 packs of Galaxy chocolate(1 pack= 47gm)
- 1 can of thick Cream (250ml)
- 1 pack of Whip cream (250ml)
- Whole walnuts

Preparation of Cake Circles with Digestive Biscuits:

1. Cut the pound cake horizontally into 3 slices then cut each slice into three circular pieces by round cutter, or a cup with the same biscuit piece diameter.

2. Melt the chocolate in a water bath, then remove the chocolate away from heat, and add the thick Cream with stirring, and then add the whip cream.

3. Arrange the cake circles,in a plate,and pour over each piece,some of the molten chocolates mixture.

4. Place over each cake slice, a full piece of biscuit, then add a quantity of the molten chocolates mixture, and decorate each piece with a walnut.

Chocolate-covered Digestive Biscuits
Chocolate-covered Digestive Biscuits

Cake Circles with Digestive Biscuits

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