Is an uncooked egg healthier than a cooked one?

Is an uncooked egg healthier than a cooked one?
Many people around the world and especially the old generations and those who live in rural areas think that eating an egg that is uncooked is healthier that eating a cooked one.

They explain it as follows; an uncooked egg contains a lot of nutrients that our body need and mainly protein and when we cook the egg either by boiling or frying, the heat causes the nutrients to fade away. Is this reasonable?

No! An uncooked egg is not healthier than a cooked one whereby eating an uncooked egg raises possibilities of getting infected by the Salmonella bacteria that affect our health in various bad ways depending on the way it reacts with our body.

If you tried an uncooked egg before and nothing happened to you, you will be probably saying that what you are reading is nonsense but the fact is that one day and unfortunately, Salmonella may get you so why put yourself in risky situations?

The best way to eat an egg is either by boiling it or by frying it because heat kills all the bacteria in it. If you like half-done eggs, go for it. It’s still safer than totally uncooked ones.

Is an uncooked egg healthier than a cooked one?

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