Natural masks for different kinds of skin

Natural masks for different kinds of skin

Skin types and textures differ from one person to the other whereby some skins are dry, some are oily and others are dark and pale and for every skin type, there is a certain mask and treatment.

If your skin is dry, mash a banana and add 1 small spoon of olive oil to its and place it on your face for 20 minutes after mixing. It's preferable to use this mask just before taking a shower.

If your skin is dark and pale, mash a cucumber and mix it with fresh milk and a big spoon of natural honey. Leave the mask for 20 minutes before washing it away.

If you have a mixed skin whereby some areas are dry while other areas are oily, mash an avocado and add mashed strawberry to it and then squeeze lemon. Apply it for 20 minutes as well.

Use the mask that is suitable for your skin at least once a week because it will help supply your skin with the needed vitamins that will keep it healthy and shiny.

Natural masks for different kinds of skin

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