HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro: Offering waterproof performance suitable for diving, the spirit of exploration never stops

With the new Free Diving mode, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro series lets you experience the excitement of underwater exploration

Smartwatches are playing an increasingly important role in the management of one's health, sports and the smart life experience, evolving from accessories to becoming a travel essential and a device that people need most after the smartphone. For users who enjoy outdoor sports, the smartwatch's performance in terms of being both waterproof and sweatproof is particularly important, with users needing different levels of waterproof performance according to the different sports they play.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro: Offering waterproof performance suitable for diving, the spirit of exploration never stops

How can we distinguish/differentiate the waterproof performance of smartwatches?

Within the industry, the common waterproof certifications that classify the waterproof performance of smartwatches are the IP68 and 5ATM. Earning the IP68 certification would mean that a smartwatch will not be damaged if the watch's shell/watch's exterior/watchface is temporarily immersed in 1.5m deep water for 30 minutes under normal temperature and pressure. ATM stands for air pressure, and 1 ATM refers to 1 standard atmospheric pressure (unit), and an increase in underwater depth by 10 meters corresponds to an increase in pressure of 1 atmosphere. Thus, the 5ATM certification means that a smartwatch can, under normal temperature, last for 10 minutes without sustaining damage under the simulated pressure conditions of 50 meters of stationary water depth. This does not reflect the watch's actual waterproof capabilities when submerged under 50 meters of water pressure. Most smartwatches available on the market have 30 meters of waterproof performance, also known as survival waterproof performance, that can only withstand the occasional splash of water on its surface. Even so, when compared to the survival waterproof performance, the 5ATM certification means a watch offers enhanced waterproof performance and can be used for activities in shallow waters, such as swimming in pools or beaches. However, the watch cannot be soaked/submerged in water for long periods of time and is thus unsuitable for diving.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Series shares reformed water-resistance performance under the basis of IP68 and 5 ATM ratings. After passing 200 rounds of water pressure testing conducted between atmospheric pressure and overpressure conditions of 3.3 ATM. After meeting strict testing standards in saltwater resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, shock resistance, external force resistance and other aspects, the watch meets EN 13319, the diving equipment engineering standard, and can support free dives at up to 30 meters deep. The breakthrough diving-grade waterproof performance of the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro series allows divers to free dive at depths of up to 30 meters.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro: Offering waterproof performance suitable for diving, the spirit of exploration never stops

Experience the excitement of underwater exploration as technology empowers sports to be smarter

Diving can be categorized mainly into scuba diving and free diving, with diving with the aid of a compressed gas cylinder being classified as scuba diving, while diving without carrying it would be classified as free diving. In freediving, one competes not with others but competes against their own body and potential.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro series' new depth barometer supports the display of key diving metrics in real-time and, up to a maximum depth of 30 meters of freediving, can effectively help SSI 2 level, AIDA 3 stars, PADI class free divers learn and train. It is the best partner for free diving enthusiasts and can help them advance their skills. The data presented in the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro's Free Diving mode includes diving ascent speed, real-time depth, maximum depth, diving time, surface rest time, number of dives, etc. It supports surface satellite positioning, which can accurately locate one's position before one enters the water. With the diving alarm/alert reminder function, users can set their own depth reminders and alerts, as well as timely reminders and alerts.

Improving the ability to hold your breath is an essential skill for free divers. However, breath-holding training is a gradual process for most beginners, and it is important to remember our own limits. The HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Series is equipped with an apnoea training feature along with some pre-set training tools, such as apnoea tables. Users can add, edit, and delete the breathing time and apnoea period of each set of training in the apnoea tables, which helps them to customize a suitable apnoea training for them. After turning on the apnoea training, the watch will prompt the user to breathe and hold the breath according to the specified apnoea table while recording the heart rate data during the training process. Additionally, there is also a new breath-holding test function. Before the breath-holding test, users can customize their rest time, using this period of rest to prepare. The watch can display one's breath holding time in real-time during the test and offers real-time monitoring of heart rate and other data. It can also record the user's diaphragm enlargement time by pressing a button to help users further analyze their own breath holding ability, to provide further protection for the user when underwater.

If you need a smartwatch for daily use that will not often come into contact with water, then a smartwatch offering 30-50 meters of waterproof performance would be sufficient. However, if you often work outdoors, love to sweat or are often in contact with water, then you should pick a waterproof smartwatch that offers over 100 meters of waterproof performance. If you enjoy going to the beach and often participate in water sports, be it swimming or diving, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro series is your best choice.

As Huawei's flagship smartwatch, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro's all-new design philosophy and high-end materials, combined with a colorful wristband, are on-trend. The titanium version comes with two strap options that users can choose from, a black fluoroelastomer strap and a grey leather strap; the ceramic version is available in two colors, silver and light gold. For female users who are diving enthusiasts, the white strap, pure as snow white jade, delicate yet sturdy, adds a touch of vibrance and beauty that lets one feel like a mermaid in an ethereal, charming underwater world.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro: Offering waterproof performance suitable for diving, the spirit of exploration never stops

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro: Offering waterproof performance suitable for diving, the spirit of exploration never stops

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