Squid Game is Getting Real!

"The Challenge" will consist of 456 real-life players

Squid Game is getting turned into a Netflix reality show with one of the biggest cash prizes ever.

Netflix is turning Squid Game, a distressing drama about indebted prisoners being forced to play children's games at the risk of death, into an actual reality show, and it's allowing people to register from around the world.

Netflix announced a few days ago that it's casting 456 real players in Squid Game: The Challenge, a new reality show in which contestants will play games for a hefty $4.56 million prize, one of the largest in game show history.

The competition will feature a series of challenges inspired by the original show as well as "surprising new additions," encouraging players to form alliances and deploy unique strategies in order to win.

Netflix, of course, is careful to mention that in Squid Game: The Challenge "the worst fate is going home empty-handed.", so they will not be killing any of the contestants.

Squid Game is Getting Real!

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