‘INFINITI VALET’ - A Premium Service Offering for Customers in Kuwait


• The “INFINITI VALET Program” enhances the customer journey by collecting and returning INFINITI vehicles for any service
• The exclusive program can be requested when a service is scheduled
• Customers are advised to contact INFINITI Service Centre for more details

‘INFINITI VALET’ - A Premium Service Offering for Customers in Kuwait

Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al Babtain Co., the sole authorized dealer of INFINITI vehicles in the State of Kuwait, brings its customers the “INFINITI VALET Program”, aimed at providing a premium experience for its owners. The program offers vehicle pick-up and drop-off when scheduling a maintenance service without having to visit the service centre.

The “INFINITI VALET Program” can be easily reserved based on maintenance appointment touchpoints, including the web contact form and via the call centre on 1804888.

INFINITI customers can have their vehicle collected for an upcoming maintenance appointment by VALET truck, a service team member or recovery vehicle from their home or office. Payment can be settled online after the service is completed and the car is returned to the owner.

Committed to ensuring exceptional service, the new offering accommodates its customers with a convenient and seamless customer journey.

The “INFINITI VALET Program” is available to all INFINITI customers, regardless of vehicle age, and is not limited to any kind of warranty. The program can also be used in conjunction with INFINITI’s Courtesy Vehicle Program, where available, allowing the INFINITI owner to enjoy seamless mobility while their vehicle is being serviced.

Customers with queries and interest in gathering more information can contact the dedicated call center on 1804 888 or visit the official website www.infiniti-kuwait.com

‘INFINITI VALET’ - A Premium Service Offering for Customers in Kuwait

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