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Originally created as a hamburger restaurant/chili house themed with traditional Southwestern flair, Chili’s was able to create a niche product by serving quality home cooked food in a casual, friendly environment.

The décor, complete with decorated tiles, colorful posters and unique collectibles was complemented by enthusiastic staff who helped create a festive atmosphere like no other

Chili's Kuwait is one of the premier casual dining restaurants in Kuwait and Chili’s Kuwait has all the character, ambience and the same great food throughout the world at Chili's.

January 1998, Chili's Kuwait opened and began serving quality food and beverage and started rendering sizzling service.

Having been in the restaurant industry for nearly 15 years now it has undoubtedly given Chili's a significant reputation as "Truly Like No Place Else" among Kuwaitis and Expatriates.

What is the difference between Chili's and Chili's Too?

Chili's Too are generally in airports, shopping malls or shared space in buildings. they are in locations that have foot traffic or communal parking. Chili's Too usually has a smaller menu (especially at airports) but can have the full menu. Regular Chili's are stand alone buildings with parking lots.

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