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Commercial Bank of Kuwait is one of the largest financial institutions in Kuwait with a strong and growing corporate and retail banking franchise providing innovative financial and investment solutions to its ever growing customer base.

Commercial Bank of Kuwait - Profile

Established on 19th June 1960, Commercial Bank is the second oldest Bank in Kuwait. From retail banking to mega project finance, CBK is mobilizing its substantial capital base and decades of expertise to assume a cutting edge role in Kuwait economy. The Bank has emerged as a lead financier, arranging a flow of loans to diverse power, construction and notable infrastructure projects in Kuwait.

Mission Statement

For the sake of greater customer convenience, Commercial Bank of Kuwait endeavors to develop and enhance its product offerings to become the premier provider of banking services to its large customer base along with maximizing shareholders' funds.

Innovative Banking Products & Services

Integrated through local Branches network, CBK offers its customers a wide spectrum of sophisticated banking services which best suit all customers' segments and satisfy their banking, financial and investment needs. Additionally, the Bank's remote and online banking package uses the latest electronic technologies to bring unrivalled banking services at our customers' fingertips via our site www.cbk-online.com, telephone landline, mobile, internet and ATMs. Further information on our products and services can be found on our website.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility comes within the Bank's priorities. Drawing form this, the Bank adopts a balanced policy by devoting its resources to serve the community in which it operates. This is clearly demonstrated through the Bank's generous donations and support of all societal activities. CBK endeavors to revive the old Kuwaiti heritage by issuing prints depicting the old Kuwaiti traditions.

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Phone Number:Phone Number+965 1888225
Phone Number:Phone Number+965 1880099 (ATM Support)
Phone Number:Phone Number+965 1885885 (Telecom Services)
Phone Number:Phone Number+965 22252230 (Yemnak Concierge Service)
Phone Number:Phone Number+965 22990104 (Customer Complaints)
Phone Number:Phone Number+965 22990904 (Customer Complaints)
Fax Number:Fax Number+965 22610084
WhatsApp:WhatsApp+965 1888225
Email:Email[email protected]
Email:Email[email protected]
P.O. Box:P.O. Box2861 Safat, 13029 Kuwait
LinkedIn:LinkedInCommercial Bank of Kuwait

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