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Man'oushe is the authentic Lebanese breakfast for all classes of society; namely the thyme or cheese ‘Man‘oushe With time making a ‘Man ‘oushe’ evolved from being baked only in the traditional forn (oven) to using the "Saj".

The Lebanese became innovative in using dfferent ingredients like meat) chicken and vegetables in making a Man'oushe. "Man'oushe" catapults every Lebanese to a lively…

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Phone Number:(965) 1838303

Branches & Locations of Man'Oushe Bakery in Kuwait


 6  -  Manakish & Fatayer

Man'Oushe - Egaila
 Man'Oushe - Egaila

 4  -  Manakish & Fatayer

Man'Oushe - Jabriya
 Man'Oushe - Jabriya

 3  -  Manakish & Fatayer

Man'Oushe - Sharq
 Man'Oushe - Sharq

 3  -  Manakish & Fatayer

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