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Fauchon Paris was founded by Auguste Fauchon in 1886 and Auguste is a young man from Normandy and he arrived to Paris in the year 1881.

He had an idea to begin selling the best fruits and vegetables from around the country on the Place de la Madeleine from a street cart. Thanks to Auguste Fauchon, the Place de la Madeleine became the “place to be” with its exclusive stores, Gourmet Food…

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Phone Number:(965) 90910434 (Catering)
Phone Number:(965) 96961326 (Boutique & Retail)
Phone Number:(965) 96961359 (Boutique & Retail)
Phone Number:(965) 96961419 (Catering)
Phone Number:(965) 99808501 (Catering)
Google Plus:fauchon

Branches & Locations of Fauchon Paris Restaurant in Kuwait

Fauchon Paris - Farwaniya (Crowne Plaza)
Fauchon Paris - Farwaniya (Crowne Plaza)

 23  -  French Restaurant

Fauchon Paris - Zahra (360 Mall)
Fauchon Paris - Zahra (360 Mall)

 22  -  French Restaurant

Fauchon Paris - Salhiya (Salhiya Complex)
Fauchon Paris - Salhiya (Salhiya Complex)

 17  -  French Restaurant

Fauchon Paris - Rai (Avenues)
Fauchon Paris - Rai (Avenues)

 11  -  French Restaurant

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