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China Garden is a brainchild of two young, Kuwaiti entrepreneurs named Ahmad and Ahmed.

They both have a passion for authentic gourmet Chinese food which they found very hard to get in Kuwait.

After seeing an ad for “Chinese Restaurant for Sale,” they quickly leaped towards the opportunity. Months of planning, construction, branding, designing and recipe testing, China Garden was reborn on the 1st of April 2012.

Why is China Garden different? Well, Quality, Quality, Quality! At the Garden, they only use fresh noodles, made daily in-house of course; Organic vegetable-based MSG; fresh, Halal imported beef, Halal all-breast meat chicken; freshest seafood from Kuwait and the Gulf; local, Kuwaiti or Saudi produce and finally, NEVER USE KETCHUP OR COLORING AGENTS!

Another issue dear to the hearts of both partners is the environment. Unfortunately, Kuwait is notoriously known for taking a back-seat in the battle against Global Warming and Pollution. China Garden stood up to the challenge and decided to scrap all Styrofoam, reduce Aluminum usage by 95% and to cut Plastic by 80%.

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