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Zain (Mobile Telecommunications Company) is the leading telecom operator in Kuwait.

We began life in 1983 in Kuwait as the region’s first mobile operator, and since the initiation of our expansion strategy in 2003, we have expanded rapidly.

Today, we are a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries with a workforce…

Contact Info of Zain Salmiya (Main Coop) Branch

Phone Number:(965) 107
Phone Number:(965) 24644444
Phone Number:(965) 24817770 (for queries & bill payments)
Fax Number:(965) 24641111
Fax Number:(965) 24818800 (for queries & bill payments)
Email:[email protected]
P.O. Box:22244 Safat, 13083 Kuwait

Address of Zain Salmiya (Main Coop) Branch

 Kuwait :: Hawalli Governorate \ Salmiya - Block 5, Hamad Mubarak Street, Inside Salmiya Main Coop, Near KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King

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Branches & Locations of Zain in Kuwait

Zain - Shweikh (Main)
Zain - Shweikh (Main)

 71  -  Telecommunications & Internet

Zain - Farwaniya (Coop)
Zain - Farwaniya (Coop)

 29  -  Telecommunications & Internet

Zain - Hawally (Coop)
Zain - Hawally (Coop)

 28  -  Telecommunications & Internet

Zain - Salmiya (Main Coop)
Zain - Salmiya (Main Coop)

 26  -  Telecommunications & Internet

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