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When the Directorate of Works was established in 1945, it had only a few employees working in three offices within a space not more than fifty square meters. At that time, the tasks assigned to the Directorate of Works were limited. The tasks were only restricted to establishing some buildings needed for public services and other departments. These buildings included: the Shura Council, the old Amiri Hospital, and some buildings of the Customs, Passports, Health, and Interior departments. The first task was to conduct an aerial survey of Kuwait and draw a map of the cities marking the places of public services.

The 1950s were the start of the urban renaissance. With the increase of population and the national income, the need for construction works increased; whether the road construction or architecture. In addition, there was a need for providing health safety through constructing sanitary and rainwater drainage systems. It was necessary to provide the technical services required for those works. In 1953, the Government Research Station was established to address the problems facing the constructions under the prevailing weather conditions. In the same year, the Ministry offices were moved to Al Murqab, as a consequence of business growth, increase of employees and technical staff, and the doubling number of tools and equipment.

With the development of civil life and its requirements, all the bodies and utilities of the Ministry of Public Works were developed. At that time, various responsibilities and specializations were assigned to the Ministry of Public Works. The modern renaissance required more interest in increasing the green areas, represented in productive and aesthetic agriculture, in addition to the urban aspect. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Works was assigned to supervise agricultural activities in 1952.

Meanwhile, some specializations were moved to other government entities. In 1960, the Water and Gas Department affiliated to the Ministry at that time was moved to the Directorate of Electricity and Water. In 1961, the Survey, Planning, and Fire departments were moved to the Directorate of Municipality. In 1962, the Directorate of Works became the Ministry of Public Works which determines its own responsibilities and specializations.

The following tasks were the most important ones for the Ministry at that period:

- Provide the Ministry, and other ministries and public authorities, with their requirements of buildings, constructions, and maintenance
- Construct housing for employees and people with limited income
- Implement mega projects and supervise the implementation of different projects
- Construct, pave, and maintain roads and squares
- Design and implement the sanitary drainage projects
- Design and implement rainwater drainage networks
- Supervise operating and maintaining the pumping stations of wastewater
- Treat wastewater and take advantage of the output
- Manage the agricultural activity and examine agricultural projects
- Supervise the agricultural, livestock, and Fisheries wealth
- Provide veterinary services

The 1960s witnessed establishing several major projects, most notably:

- Constructing residences for lower-income people
- Constructing the building of Kuwait Municipality (1961)
- Constructing the building of the Ministry of Guidance and News (the Ministry of Information 1962)
- Constructing Al Sabah Hospital (1962)
- Constructing the Central Prison (1965)
- Constructing the Maternity Hospital (1968)
- Constructing the private institutes (1969)
- Constructing the Zoo (1968)

The green areas amplified due to the increase in productive farming, horticulture and afforestation extending up to 162 km. Besides, there was a boom in the study of methods for developing the livestock and fisheries. With the increase in the size of responsibilities and tasks required for that field, the utilities of the Agriculture Department practically grew and

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