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"Anaar" in Persian means pomegranate and is widely used in Persian cuisine. It has the symbolic meaning of abundance and fertility in Persian Art and Literature.

We care about every step we take in preparing the food in Anaar. Starting from choosing a small pot for the kitchen to the minute our food reaches your doors.

My work is a realized dream and an expression of my art and cooking as a family tradition. Cooking to me is not simply putting a few ingredients together or feeding, it is serving, nourishing and caring. Wholeheartedly, when cooking, I think of the people who are going to eat the food, wanting to give them the experience of joy and fine taste. Dining with the family is personally a unique moment, and I wish to pass that moment to my clientele.

At Anaar we aim to provide you with the taste of home cooking straight from our kitchen to your table.

We use well-known rice from the northern province of Gilan, better known as The Land of Rice, in Iran. We also import "Albalou" (Sour Cherry), herbs, different kind of beans, barley and wheat from Iran. It is important for us to use fresh vegetables, organic chicken and local meat bought daily from the market. We prepare them with the finest dried herbs and spices, such as "Zereshk" (barberry) and Saffron, brought in from the province of Khorasan.

The original old recipes of different aromatic pickles were passed on from my grandmother, to my mother, and then to myself. Anaar has prepared all its pickles at home.

We complete the cooking process with carefully orchestrated cooking methods to keep the authenticity of our food and promise to provide you with absolute authentic Persian cooking using traditional family recipes and treatment!

With a passion for cooking, a focus on quality, and an appreciation of classical Persian recipes, Anaar differentiates itself by using the finest ingredients for all its' home made dishes.

Noosh Jan! Bil 3afya!
Faridah Bakhtiar

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 Kuwait :: Hawalli Governorate \ Salmiya - Baghdad Street, Al-Khaled Complex

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