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 Karout Mall - Hadath, Lebanon

About Karout Mall Hadath

Karout Mall works to expand the scope of the Karout Grand Stores in which You will Find it All.

Karout Mall encompasses the most popular international, regional, and local brands primarily targeting the middle and upper income groups and family shoppers.

Our steps will not differ from the program of Karout Grand Stores but we worked hard to make it more special in which we added…

Contact Info of Karout Mall Hadath

Phone Number:(961) 01542077
Phone Number:(961) 70905400
Email:[email protected]

Address of Karout Mall Hadath

 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Baabda \ Hadath - Boulevard Camile Chamoun Street

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Places inside Karout Mall - Hadath, Lebanon

Abdul Rahman Hallab - Hadath (Karout)
Abdul Rahman Hallab - Hadath (Karout)

 56  -  Oriental Sweets

Sweet Dodo - Hadath (Karout)
Sweet Dodo - Hadath (Karout)

 8  -  Chinese Restaurant

Lolita - Hadath (Karout)
Lolita - Hadath (Karout)

 6  -  Chocolate Store, Bakery

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