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About Promod Dbayeh (LeMall) Branch

Promod was created in 1975 as a French family boutique dedicated to the sharp design, the production and the retailing of women's ready-to-wear and original accessories.

With more than 30 years dynamic experience in women's ready-to-wear retailing, Promod is today one of France's biggest fashion store chains and the brand enjoys huge international success with 1056 outlets in 53 countries.…

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Phone Number:(961) 04526135
Email:[email protected]

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 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn \ Dbayeh - inside LeMall Dbayeh Branch - Ground Floor

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Branches & Locations of Promod in Lebanon

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Promod - Downtown Beirut (Beirut Souks)

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Promod - Dbayeh (LeMall)
Promod - Dbayeh (LeMall)

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