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Since 1987, VERO MODA has been present in the mind of young women looking for new trends, accessible styles and fashionable must-have items.

Fast fashion is our metier, a vibrant and accessible approach to fashion is our trademark, and being together in style is our brand essence.

At VERO MODA we offer high quality and inspiring clothing, developed from comprehensive trend research…

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Email:[email protected]

Address of Vero Moda Dora (CityMall) Branch

 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn \ Dora - inside CityMall Dora - Ground Floor

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Branches & Locations of Vero Moda in Lebanon

Vero Moda - Saida (The Spot)
Vero Moda - Saida (The Spot)

 11  -  Apparel & Clothing

Vero Moda - Dora (CityMall)
Vero Moda - Dora (CityMall)

 5  -  Apparel & Clothing

Vero Moda - Aley
Vero Moda - Aley

 2  -  Apparel & Clothing

Vero Moda - Dbayeh (ABC)
Vero Moda - Dbayeh (ABC)

 2  -  Apparel & Clothing

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