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Everything started with a big desire to eat a "Succès", which became a symbol of SeaSweet today. Young Naeem and his two brothers attended a boarding school in Bhamdoon, while their parents lived in Zahle, their birthplace. Naeem had always loved sweets, which he occasionally bought from a shop near his school. He had a special interest in sweets, that soon enough he learned to distinguish between…

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Phone Number:(961) 05450702
Phone Number:(961) 09211264
Phone Number:(961) 09211268

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 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Baabda \ Hazmieh - Michel Zakhour Street

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Branches & Locations of Sea Sweet in Lebanon

Sea Sweet - Zahle (Hamra Plaza)
Sea Sweet - Zahle (Hamra Plaza)

 9  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

Sea Sweet - Mekseh (Mrayjat)
Sea Sweet - Mekseh (Mrayjat)

 8  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

Sea Sweet - Hazmieh
Sea Sweet - Hazmieh

 7  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

Sea Sweet - Chtoura
Sea Sweet - Chtoura

 6  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

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