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Ant Ventures Worldwide is the holding company that manages and operates Casper & Gambini's, Eatalian, Falafel & More, From the Tree, Bab Idris, and Silverspoon, as well as other sister companies including 35 Rooms Hotel (ranked #1 on booking.com), The Roaster (Coffee & Bar Experts) and Mainspring (Regional Outsourcing Company).

Based in Lebanon, it is a rapidly-expanding holding that develops,…

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Phone Number:(961) 01250888
Phone Number:(961) 03569888
Fax Number:(961) 01250888
Email:[email protected]
LinkedIn:Ant Ventures Worldwide
P.O. Box:2601-1403 el metn, Lebanon

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 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn \ Dora - Dora Seaside, near The National Evangelical Christian Church Building

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