A trip to James Bond Island in Phuket

James Bond Island trip was one of the best things we enjoyed in our last trip to Thailand.

We left early in the morning and the weather was actually rainy and cloudy which is a very normal condition in Thailand in July.

We went to James Bond Island with a Thai guide that speaks English very well and a group of tourists that came to Phuket from different countries around the world to enjoy the amazing natural sights.

In James Bond Island, there's not much to do. It is all about enjoying the magical view and taking photos and buying some souvenirs from the sellers stands.

Other activities in the trip include canoeing and swimming and we were also served delicious Thai lunch in form of small buffet.

And as for the name of James Bond Island, it was named so in the year 1974 when it was featured in the James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun".

The original name of James Bond Island is Khao Phing Kan.

Below is a video showing our trip to James Bond Island so enjoy it.


A trip to James Bond Island in Phuket

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