An Easy and Perfect Sponge Chocolate Cake Recipe

Having trouble preparing a perfect sponge chocolate cake on your own at home?

Here is a very easy and perfect recipe for a delicious cake.

Sponge Chocolate Cake Ingredients:

- 3 eggs - Vanilla as you want - 1 and a half cup of sugar - 1 spoon baking soda - 1 spoon baking powder - sprinkle salt - half cup of cacao - 3/4 cup of oil - 3/4 cup of water - 2 cups of flour

How to prepare Sponge Chocolate Cake:

- Start with the ingredients in order just the way they are listed above that is start with the eggs and vanilla and end it with the flour.

- Use an electric mixer to get a perfect mixture and don't mix all ingredients at the same time rather start mixing them one by one.

- Put the cake mixture in the oven for 30 minutes and then place a knife in the cake to make sure it's well done from the inside.

- Don't cut the cake or try to use it or design it before it's no longer hot.

An Easy and Perfect Sponge Chocolate Cake Recipe

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